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About Premium Consulting

Premium Consulting was established in 2006 by professional economists with rich experience in Advisory, Investment Financing and Project Management of both private & public projects, as well as in Elaboration of specialized studies in various sectors of national economy and issues of international economic interest. Premium Consulting is vigorously developing on both national and international levels. The company has established, and continuously develops a broad network of business co-operations in Cyprus, India and Montenegro.

Premium Consulting is active primarily / mainly in the fields of Advisory, Investment Financing and Project Management, with a particular specialization in the development of private and public investments, the carrying out of studies/expertise evaluations, the development and management of European Projects and co-financed Programs in the context of a broader public sector (Municipalities, Prefectures, private entities, public entities, etc.).

The company and its executives have significant experience in the preparation of financial studies, research projects as well as providing support services as a Technical businesses that belong to private or public sectors. The company’s executives also specialize and have a strong expertise in matters of maritime economy and shipping industry, having completed considerable number of specialized research and development programs.

Human Resources

Premium Consulting recruits experienced professionals with rich academic and professional profiles, able to provide cutting edge business solutions adjusted to the specific needs of each customer.
Specifically, the staff consists of highly professional economists and regional planners with Postgraduate and Doctoral Degrees. Moreover / Additionally the company collaborates with (direct) external partners/associates, who have different complementary specializations (environmentalists, lawyers, architects, engineers, computer engineers, analysts, etc.).

The Premium Consulting’s staff experience is particularly important in sectors/areas such as Energy, Transport, Tourism, Retail and Shipping/Shipbuilding, while the co-financed/co-funded projects originate from all sectors of the economy (primary, secondary, and tertiary).