Consulting Services / Studies

to the public sector

Premium Consulting provides integrated services for the planning, financing, implementation and development of investment projects by certified bodies of the Public Sector in Greece (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Finance, Chambers BEP and EBEP etc) and Cyprus (Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping). Additionally, Premium Consulting overlooks the drafting, implementation and management οf state agencies’ proposals of programs co-funded by the European Union.

In particular, the Consulting Services provided by Premium Consulting to public agencies, focus on the following topics:

  • Technical consultancy services to the public sector agencies and to final beneficiaries for the implementation of European / National, Sectoral & Regional Operational Programs
  • Planning, Preparation / Submission and Project Management of European / National public sector development programs
  • Elaboration of research, field studies and / or expertise evaluations for public organizations
  • Public Tender procedures management
  • Support and networking with other public agencies and local authorities abroad (Premium Consulting cooperates with local municipalities in Italy, Malta, Spain, Cyprus, Montenegro, Slovakia and the Balkan countries)
  • Advisory Services in Environmental Management issues (technical support, design and implementation of recycling programs, renewable energy, e.t.c.)
  • Development of Operational Programs for Municipalities, and development of management systems, according to the criteria of the current institutional framework.