Financing & project management

of private investments

Premium Consulting offers integrated consulting services aiming at business development and providing access to appropriate financing tools by undertaking preparation, submission & implementation of co-financed investment projects for new & existing enterprises (Greek Investment Law, incentives generated by European & National Programs, e.g. the National Strategic Reference Framework – NSRF 2014-2020).

Premium Consulting is also committed to promoting and actively taking part in International Cooperative schemes via European Projects. The company undertakes the implementation and financing of European Projects, since it participates as a partner in R&D projects co-financed by EU.

Specifically, Premium Consulting offers the following customer oriented services:

  • Investment Project eligibility assessment
  • Elaboration of the relevant Business Plan
  • Project Preparation and Submission
  • Providing Networking Support for businesses in private sector and academic institutions
  • Project management and highly professional implementation monitoring upon Project Completion
  • Support during the disbursement of the grant